Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daily Report: What "Research" Looks Like At Our House

DJ started out his school day with painting the clay fossils he made yesterday.

Then it was time to dissect a real owl pellet. I didn't know how this was going to go over, because about a year or so ago when he was doing some work with birds, I had purchased a fake one at Hobby Lobby so he could put a skeleton of a bird together, it just didn't feel right to him. Fast forward to now, he is loving the dirtiest, grossiest things. I purchased the real one on the internet months ago so it was perfect to do to go along with his fossil hunting.

A rats' head. ( for real)

There were a lot of bones in the pellets.

The activity sheets DJ used to classify his bones, and to piece a skeleton together. Unfortunately there wasn't enough variety in the pellets to complete the skeleton. His goal was met how do paleontogist put the bones together to form the dinosaur?DJ found out that it isn't a easy job to classify many bones of all sorts.

Word processing information about the dinosaur Omeisaurus.

Made fossil teeth out clay. The point behind this activity is that scientist could determine if dinosaurs were herbivores, or carnivores according to the shape of the teeth.

Preparing for tomorrows' activity. A pininterest find! Come back tomorrow to read what it is all about.

Ken is definetly finding much information about Egypt. The objects are much inspiration for new questions. Her favorite information find today was how animals in Egypt were held as Gods and Goddesses and people may be punished to death if they harmed one. Come back tomorrow and see her finished work on Bastet the Egyptian goddess of the pleasure of music.

She learned much information about the Nile River and had fun creating this board and adding on the information.

Ken also worked with the Ancient Civilization three part cards of Egypt.

My role was done yesterday making sure they had the needed materials to complete their projects. At the end of their day they write list of materials needed. After they find the materials that are avaliable they come ask me about the supplies that they may need. If it is something in the house I tell them where it is, if it is something that needs to be purchased I tell them when they will have the material and then they may have to reschedule that project for another day.


  1. What an amazing activities your kids are working on. My kids also dissected and owl pellet not too long ago and it was such a fabulous learning experience for them! I just love coming over to see what your kids have been up to. Thanks for sharing! ~Liesl


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