Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's A Map On My Lap

 We have been reading some really good books that has inspired the children to do more work in the cultural area. There's A Map on My Lap (All About Maps) By Tish Rabe, this book is part of  The Cat In The Hat Knows All About That series. The other popular book is Homes Around The World by Max Moore, it is published by DK Readers and is beginning to read level 1.



          This is Franklin working with the World Puzzle Map with control map.


DJ is looking at photos of people and places from North America. These card have information about the picture on the bottom.


                                                Here is a close up of two of the photos.


                       Jamesha is looking at pictures of homes from different continents.



                                                  A close up of the pictures.


 On the back I glued a picture of the continent so the children can locate on the continent map puzzle where the home on the picture is from,also  they may want to sort the pictures by continent.


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