Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storytelling: Language Linky

I thought I should publish this post tonight since tomorrow will be a busy day. We are going to the Pumpkin Patch whether it rains, snows, or the sun shines. The same goes for Trick -or-Treating we are magnetically attracted to candy:)

We had a fun storytelling session using a game from yours truly Write Shop. What I love about this writing curriculum is it allows for so much creativity to take place while encouraging great writing skills. The unit that we are doing is getting the kids to write about adventures. When I was making all the copies for this unit, my young assistant Ken was sitting beside me and asked if she could join in with us. I obliged, so in regards to Write Shop for this month I am talking about both Ken and DJ doing Write Shop Junior D.

 To play Where in the World you need a globe with different habitats. A pile of cards with problems and characters. The kids didn't have any difficulties coming up with characters or problems. I purchased the Time Saver Pack which includes the games, so all I had to do was print it out.
 If you land on a line you can pick anywhere for your setting in your story.
 Everybody who is playing pulls a character and a problem card and tells a story using the same setting as the person who spins. Ken chose California as she was the one to spin on the line. I told a story about Elmo who was in California who fell into a volcano. All of the stories are made up right on the spot. Fun!
 Next DJ's spin landed us in the Desert since he spun it, he went first and told a story about President Obama being lost in the Desert without any money.  
 The last spin was in the Rainforest told by Ken. Her character was Michelle who lost her keys while picking bananas from a tree.    

Playing this game was a nice prewriting activity gearing them up to write an Adventure story of their own.

Now it is your turn to share!! Please link up any past or present language post you have. It is so fun to read all of the creative ways you all have to get children reading and writing. Just be sure to link back here so your readers will be able to find this awesome collection of links. Thank you so much!!


Just Keeping It Real

My kids know me very well! I think after Sunday night they could of seen this coming. Today was one of those days that I just had enough!! Enough of the bickering that has carried over from Sunday's free time. Enough of the classroom looking like a tornado has ran through it during independent work time. Enough!!

I am a stickler for things being put away when it is not being used. I am border lined OCD when it comes to stuff on the floor. Stuff like pencils, pieces of paper, anything that can be seen by the eye. It bothers me to see anyone walk over garbage and not pick it up.

During our Write Shop time we were about to do the Model and Teach activity. I simply asked for them to pick up the stuff on the floor. Ken and DJ wanted to argue about whose stuff it was on the floor. Since I had smoke coming out of my ears I decided to write an assignment for copy work.

  I asked them to copy this twenty times.  Do you see my grammar mistake?  I didn't until I looked at the picture. The kids noticed it, but corrected the mistake on their paper without ever saying anything to me.

After looking over their consequence   assignment. The tone of the school day changed and I haven't had to tell anyone to pick up any stuff off the floor. Now since they have bonded over this work, they are best buds again:)  At least for this moment.

A few lessons I learned or was reminded of; Don't write anything I want the kids to copy when I am upset. I have the power to set the tone in our home, use it wisely and with caution.                                                                                                                      

Monday, October 29, 2012

Advanced Geometry Command Cards

Ken and DJ learned a lot of geometry while working with the Geometry Command Cards. I was happy to find another set more advanced at Montessori For Everyone.

 As suggested I color coded them, used a book ring to bind them and then placed them all in the basket. Well not of the command cards just because I like to add newness to a work as much as possible so I saved some cards to add in later. 

These cards were their first choice of work during their independent work period.                                                                               

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sunday News- Presidential House Guest

The kids have been making videos of some debate highlights. Stay tuned!!                                                  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

We had fun at " Boo at the Zoo". The sun was shining but don't let that fool you. it was cold!!

                                          Bat Girl, Jason the Red Power Ranger, and Alice:)

 A perfect place to get involved in some Halloween activities for my animal loving boy.

                           Here in Michigan Fall colors surround us.

      They enjoyed being scared a little while going through the Boo Tunnel.                                                              

Friday, October 26, 2012

Elementary Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 8

It has been a busy week here as the kids are getting anxious to go trick-or-treating. Everyday they are looking for opportunities to wear their costumes. Next week I am giving them two days off. One day we are going to spend a day at the Pumpkin Patch, and the other is the day after Halloween! I think they definitely deserve it though. Take a look!!

 For math DJ had fun matching the long chains to the squares and doing liquid measurements.                                                                          
  Ken stayed busy with the Decimal Board and the Stamp game practicing division.

They were delighted to create their own balance using a ruler while studying Piet Mondrian.

For Language there was a lot of fun stuff. In All About Spelling they learned a spelling strategy to how spell tion.
Grammar work was always being done.

DJ took to the reading analysis work, he described it as a fun game:)

              On Thursday he published his third writing work that involved all the steps in the writing process.                                                            

        They reviewed their Latin words while reading a fun story,                                                                            

They completed their second Chemistry lab. What they learned was the difference from a physical test and a chemical test. This was the first time that they record their findings as they went along in our home school. It was a blast and they are loving our science work.

After the lab they continued to explore with cooking oil and food coloring.                                                                            
DJ did some history research as well as a snake report that you can read on his blog The Edison Project
               Ken did some research on Landmarks.                                                          

          We started our election headquarters. Stay tuned for some really cool mock elections child led.

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High School Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Week 8

This is the first weekly wrap up that I have written in regards to only Michelle's High School work. I hope you enjoy reading this journey that is always subject to change:)

In History and Geography she mapped Phileas Foggs' journey Around the World in 88 days, and finished reading the book.
                        Image can be found at www.latinamericanstudies.org/castro-childhood.htm                                                                   
 For her year long research project she decided to do a biography on Fidel Castro. Michelle's main question is; Did becoming a dictator and seizing control of Cuba help Fidel Castro to compensate for his emotional rough childhood?                                                                        

For art she discovered the balance of the artist Piet Mondrian.

This week Michelle started her Biology studies.                                        
She enjoyed using the highlighter to help her find the main idea. This week she learned about the different theories and how they got tested and disproved. Also there was much talk about the difference from a scientist and a creationist.
  The coloring pages offered additional insight and a wonderful way to learn.
 Using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra 1 she learned how to get x's out of the parentheses, combine x's, how to distribute x's and how to use the rate formula in word problems.                    

Latin continues to be her favorite subject. This week her lessons covered subjects and verbs in sentences, in Latin there aren't any articles you add them, and she tackled a new memory page that reinforced noun endings.                                                    

 Gearing up for NaNoWriMo!! Michelle has completed most of the workbook and is happy to be participating.                                                                  
We talked about voting, and she even filled out her own voting registration form(not real, she is only 14). She had fun learning about the requirements of being able to vote. Boy is she mad that you can't vote until your 18. We had a fun mock election as well.                      
Our read aloud that we are almost finished with. A memoir about a girl who because she dressed more manly was placed in various mental hospitals, because at the time she was being diagnosed with having a gender identity disorder.
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