Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Report: Interrupted Work Time

Today the kids had a lot of interruptions. Some were uncontrolled like constantly having to get kleenex, and then we had errands that had to be done today, during the afternoon.

Ken started her new reading book, and browsed through some of the companion stuff we checked out of the library on Monday. I think this Girl is going to be fun to learn history through, it was the only time Ken managed to smile today, she still isn't feeling well.

Ken also mustard up enough energy to do a command card working with the Geometry Cabinet.

DJ did some woodworking again today, and made shapes using the wood and saw.

He worked with naming fractions today as a review.

DJ also worked with Clock three part cards.

Ken tried to work on writing about the life of Dr. Seuss but she just couldn't finish.

DJ read chapter 2 and 3 in Holes his reading and learned what the theme of the book is,and howperservance is shown through the main characters' father. He also learned about Thomas Edisons' quote about what makes a genius. Now DJ feels he is a genius because he is a hardworker:)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daily Report: Will Work For Food

Ken went to the doctors this morning and the verdict came back an ear infection. Can I just say I love antibiotics just one dose and she is feeling better. My mom was able to take her for me this morning, so I could still be able to run everything else smoothly. On her way out the door she asked DJ if he would like her to get him something to eat. Boy was he working harder than ever to build up a nice appetitie, as he puts it. Here is DJ's works for the day.

We just read the first chapter in his new reading book today, it is just a couple of pages long. He reviewed what a setting is, and learned about making inferences.

He practiced writing and reading in cursive.

This was the first time DJ worked with the Fundamental Needs of People nomenclature cards. The cards are from Montessori For Everyone they have very beautiful pictures, I enjoy looking at the work when I see it in action and my camera dosen't do this work justice. All of these Needs will appear in his reading book.

Doing some woodworking.

Using the beads to help solve multiplication word problems.

Diagramming sentences. The sentences actually come from Montessori Print Shops' grammar sentences work. The kids suggested that I write them on sentence strips, because of the grammar symbols sizes. Now that I see the work complete I can see what they were talking about:)

DJ also worked with the Geometric Cabinet Command Cards that was purchased at Montessori Print Shop.

DJ enjoyed a nice sub for lunch from one of his favorite places Subway.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Daily Report: Coughing and Sneezing

All of my children woke up today coughing, and sneezing:( Michelle did go to school today, and very motivated to do so since last week she missed a day of school due to muscle spasms. Michelle does not like to miss school! When she arrived home she said she felt much better, even though snot was coming out of her nose every minute. I am hoping this is just a cold. What happens around here is one person gets sick, and then the next one is sicker, you get the gist of what I am saying. They did their best at staying focused, but I could clearly see that they weren't themselves and today was Homeschool Connect at the library and they did not want o miss this once a month event..

Ken worked on adding and sustracting fractions.

DJ worked more on his timeline.

Some sketching and coloring by Ken.

DJ helping out a preschooler with putting a puzzle together.

They had much fun at the program today. The topic was Nutrition. They did a couple of worksheets, helped put together a food pyramid, and got their bodies moving by doing some fun exercises.

As soon as we got back in the car leaving the library, Ken vomited. I just pray we haven't infected anybody!!

We read a lot today as well. Ken and I finished reading Walk Two Moons. All I can say is that it was so sad but so sweet. It took all I had in me to not cry( I had some preschoolers in my prescence). A lot of life lessons one can learn from this book.The most important one is Don't judge another person until you have walked in their moccassins.

DJ finished his Dinosaur grahic novel, and was excited to do some pre reading activites for his next book Holes, of course he was all for this suggestion since he could play a game about the book on the computer.

On a good note, NO FEVERS!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sketching And Bird Songs:Montessori Monday

DJ showed me in a work that he created on his own last week that he was interested in learning to sketch portraits. I added the following work to our shelves.

 The beginings of a new improved art shelf. All the miscellaneous art supplies are located on the shelf next to it. This shelf is specific. They will use the mirror to make a self portait, the portrait and flowers are there to do still life work, and copy work.

 The supplies on the shelf came with a kit, as well as the how to book.
The Dr. Seuss portrait is a point of interest. DJ did not know that Dr. Seuss was actually a real person:(
Along with this he will do some research, that he is excited to do about Dr. Seuss.                         

As soon as I had finished placing this work on the shelf this weekend, DJ got busy:)                                                                           

I found out about this really neat book from the blog What Did We Do All Day? pinterest board. Ken has completely falling in love with it since its' arrival. Thank you My Boy's Teacher for pining it down and sharing this find. The book tells information about a bird and then you can hear the song of the bird.
Ken came up with an idea to make a sound bingo with this book while she is learning the bird songs. Ken will use the tape recorder to record the sounds. We hope the bird images from the bird cutting strips work from Montessori Print Shop will match the birds in the book. This will make it easier for her to make the bingo cards. I am looking forward to watching her work with this and see all the ins and outs she may have while creating this work.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a very busy, fun, wholesome homeschooling week! Here are some more pictures of our week.
Ken and DJ were introduced to the parts of the brain.

DJ had some fun with play doh and learned the parts of the earth.

They both made a booklet about Seeds.

This work comes from Montessori Print Shop.

On Monday Ken planted radishes, carrots, and onions. Yesterday the radishes started to sprout.

DJ continued to work with his digging rock kit, and was able to excavate all the pieces so that he could play the game that goes along with it.

The game board.

The twelve game pieces were the objects to be excavated.


I wrote about this pen earlier this week. I now call it a "magical" pen. They only stop using it when someone else is writing with it. They have done creative writing with it as well as copy work.

We only have two more chapters until Ken and I are finished reading " Walk Two Moons". I can't tell you enough how much we have enjoyed reading this book so many great roller coasters. In the picture above she completed a research work about Famous Mothers.

DJ did a lot of syllabication work with the dinosaur names as well as his favorite words that he would just randomly break down throughout the week.


DJ worked a lot with Roman Numerals from 1- 9 and then made a booklet of his work.

Working with geometric shapes.

Doing multiplication with the small bead frame.

Ken did a few chapters in Honey part of the Life of Fred series.

Ken also made a booklet of some geometric shapes.


Ken made this craft of the Colors of Faith.

Ken also tried french knitting for the first time.

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