Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daily Report: Keeping Busy!!

I guess skipping school may have paid off for these two kids, because today was all about work.

Ken decided to do some copywork using the African American Time Line.

I used a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to have as a visual aid for DJ to better understand the layers of the Earth. The terms he has learned before, but they have yet to stick. So I hope the next days' activities will help him to remember the terminology.

He also colored an example of the layers, and completed a mini book.

I offered him these two books, that he really enjoyed reading.

After reading the books DJ went outside to see if he could find some matches to his very small rock collection.

Then it was time to work with the Volcanoe Nomenclature Cards.

Which led him to demostrating how a volcanoe erupts to the preschoolers.

Ken had fun with the landforms . I like that she did this, because DJ stays away from landforms work.

Ken attenpted to build a birdhouse to only get halfway through to realize that there were some parts missing.

Ken enjoyed researching with this activity book. She colored the Baltimore Oriole and then completed the information she found about the bird.

Ken put the names of some birds in abc order. DJ did syllabication work using the names of dinosaurs. The dinosaur set cards from Montessori Print Shop helped him along the way.

Ken did a page in her math workbook, and realized she just needed a review on decimals. Well see tomorrow.

DJ got to a page in his workbook that was asking him to solve the area of a rectangular prism. He made me show him how to do this! It was a success fortunately. After he completed the page we talked about it, and then wanted to make his very own formula card:)

DJ also learned more about Geometric Solids and how to count the faces. The picture below are the work pages he completed.

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