Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sketching And Bird Songs:Montessori Monday

DJ showed me in a work that he created on his own last week that he was interested in learning to sketch portraits. I added the following work to our shelves.

 The beginings of a new improved art shelf. All the miscellaneous art supplies are located on the shelf next to it. This shelf is specific. They will use the mirror to make a self portait, the portrait and flowers are there to do still life work, and copy work.

 The supplies on the shelf came with a kit, as well as the how to book.
The Dr. Seuss portrait is a point of interest. DJ did not know that Dr. Seuss was actually a real person:(
Along with this he will do some research, that he is excited to do about Dr. Seuss.                         

As soon as I had finished placing this work on the shelf this weekend, DJ got busy:)                                                                           

I found out about this really neat book from the blog What Did We Do All Day? pinterest board. Ken has completely falling in love with it since its' arrival. Thank you My Boy's Teacher for pining it down and sharing this find. The book tells information about a bird and then you can hear the song of the bird.
Ken came up with an idea to make a sound bingo with this book while she is learning the bird songs. Ken will use the tape recorder to record the sounds. We hope the bird images from the bird cutting strips work from Montessori Print Shop will match the birds in the book. This will make it easier for her to make the bingo cards. I am looking forward to watching her work with this and see all the ins and outs she may have while creating this work.

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  1. You self-portrait work looks like it will inspire a great deal of art. You're always so good about following your children's lead, and I love seeing the work that results!

  2. Such great work! I featured Ken's sound bingo using bird songs in my Montessori-Inspired Bird Unit at


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