Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daily Report: Valentines' Day Edition

The first thing DJ wanted to do was make a card holder for the exchanging of cards with the preschoolers. I was happy that he wanted to do this because it turned out an example was needed.

Both Ken and DJ were very helpful in preparing things for me. Today just so happened to be the day that my assistant wasn't scheduled to work.

In our reading time today we learn some new information about the dinosaur Allosaurus. DJ created a tooth the size of an Allosaurus and also recorded information to create a display.

Again DJ worked on making more trivia cards for the board game and also even added a Uh -Oh card for adding fun while playing the game he is in the process of creating.

During our mini geometry lesson DJ worked with Nets and matched them to the appropiate solid.

Ken and DJ both made a solid by tracing the nets.

They also enjoyed working with Tangrams.

Ken did a long study on Sunny and did some sketching of her parakeet.

She made paper dolls of children in Africa.

Ken also worked with the Animal Kingdom cards and did an extension that came along with this work from Montessori for Everyone.

It is safe to say that their favorite part of the day was enjoying sweets and playing Bingo for candy.

DJ was kinda losing focus throughout the day anticipating this time of the day. I was O.K with this because when we talked about homeschooling the only thing that he wanted was to make sure he could still have a Valentines' Day party. I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines' Day! See you back here tomorrow.

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