Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daily Report: Concoctions, Layers Of The Earth, Etc....

Ken have fun this morning mixing different substances to see how they react together.

She discovered the Eosin Dye turned everything into a solid. Ken also created ink with the dye.

A mini volcanoe explosion:)

I have seen the layers of earth model created using play doh on many blogs, I was reminded of this activity while going through a Ebook geoglogy unit from Evan Moor that I purchased ages ago. I put everything on the shelf that was needed as well as the directions. DJ had a blast and can correctly identify the layers of the earth now.

He was totally tickled when he saw the layers after cutting the "earth ".

He wanted to make more so I just handed him the craft doh and he was good to go.

I knew he was done when "earth" became part of a juggling act. DJ says " I was just showing everyone how gravity works". Yeah whatever you say:)

After the juggling act he recorded his findings.

Other works that they enjoyed today are.....

Labeling the shapes from the Geometric Cabinet.

The Egg three part cards.

North America Animals three part cards

Begining knitting on the Loom.

Editing sentences

Division work using the Stamp Game

Ecthotherm and Endotherm sorting

Putting together a brain model.

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