Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daily Report: Work Plans

Today the kids stayed busy doing various works. They asked if they could use the Work Plans as a guide for their days again. I am thankful that we have discussions about school often. What I got out of the discussion is that they are tired of just researching. Obviously there was miscommunication going on, and they felt that they were suppose to just work on only research projects. On the other hand I was wondering if they were ever going to work on something else:)

Anyway I was able to put one together for both of them using the FREE template avaliable at Montessori For Everyone. The works that are listed are they ones DJ and Ken requested and that were avaliable on the shelf should the interest arise.

Ken worked with a drawer in the Geometric Cabinet. She discovered the Chevron shape and defined the word Geometric on her booklet that she made by tracing the shapes.

The photo above shows DJ trying to match the parts of the brain to the cards. The cards come from Montessori Print Shop.

Making a parts of the bird booklet and painting a birdhouse.

Roman Numerals work and again another booklet:)

DJ had fun digging in this rock dig kit. The loot belongs to a game that you came play after all the objects are excavated. Dj is still working on this.

Music was a choice for both of them today. DJ learned how to play the b note today as well as what a staff and a treble is. Ken worked with her Ukulele.

DJ started creating a timeline of when dinosaurs walked the earth.

Ken had a lot of fun getting some seeds started for her future plants, vegetables. She is definetly looking forward to examining some roots.

We never got lucky enough to observe a bird in our own backyard. The kids did discover that they enjoy learning about the weather and cloud watching. They have set up a mini weather station in the classroom so that they would be able to grab their supplies and run outside whenever nature calls them.

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  1. I think the work plans are great, and I love that you're having regular discussions. Awesome activities as usual! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned your mini weather station to my new Weather Unit Study Pinterest board at

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I always love hearing from you:)

  3. I featured your post and weather station photo in my Montessori-Inspired Weather Unit at


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