Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily Report 11-29-2011

Today we read three stories from our reading materials "The Alligator and the Hunter" by the Choctaw tribe, " The Gift of the Whale" by the Inuit-Inupiaq tribe and " The Passing of the Buffalo" by the Kiowa tribe. They were all really good stories and the theme of the stories was survival. Ken and DJ did two worksheets one about animal adaptations and the other on ecosystems.

 Equivalent Fractions Concentration was worked with today.

Lots of research work was done, as well as some creative arts work.

They really enjoyed learning about all the points on the compass rose doing this activity that can be found on the blog The Learning Ark. This blog is a wonderful resource for implementing the Montessori Method especially with the elementary child.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

WE learned about the parts of the heart today, and about some of its' functions.

I think their highlight of the day was making icing and decorating Gingerbread Men cookies.


This was also my best part of the day too.

Daily Report 11-28-2011

We had a great learning day yesterday. We started out with our new spelling works. Read two Native American Animal Stories,"How Butterflies Came To Be" and "How Poison Came Into The World". They attempted to make clothespin butterflies, they weren't too thrilled about it, maybe because it is COLD here.

They worked on some Maths. Ken again worked with the Long Bead Frame "workbook" and DJ worked with the Fraction Circles making a Fraction Book. Thank you to My Boys' Teacher for sharing how to organize the Fraction Insets in a much better way. DJ loved working with them on the tray instead of the stand it came with.

The highlight of DJ's day was building the Pirate Ship.

They also worked with the Parts of The Sailing Ship cards and did a printable to go along with it.

 For language Ken did some more reading and research work and DJ did a sequence activity with the book "The Gingerbread Man".

They  learned about the esophagus and the trachea and put together a model of the respiratory system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Monday, November 28, 2011

On The Shelves:Montessori Monday

The Dot Game. The Printable came from Montessori Print Shop.

                  Equivalent Fraction Concentration.

 Math story problems with a Christmas theme. I found this work at teachers pay teachers website, authored by Shelly Gray. I did try to link to this but was unsuccessful.

Parts of The Sailing Ship, this also came from Montessori Print Shop.

Following DJ's interest to work with tools I purchased this Pirate Ship kit from Lowes. It is a Build to Grow product, love the directions that come along with the kit.

Ken fell in love with Fables so she will be doing some reseach on Aesop and doing a study on the fable "The Lion And The Mouse. Here are some of the books she will be using.                                                           

 Some printables I found to help guide her along the way.

As part of her study she will be creating the mask of the lion, and the mouse. The materials,she plans to stroytell her report.

DJ will be researching Snakes. He really has a strong interest in learning more about snakes. Here are some books and printables he will be using.

 I prepunched some paper and felt for them to make some covers for their reports, or for books that they want to write .                                                                        

  Another cultural work from Montessori Print Shop. I love the vocabulary and it stumped them to learn that Venomous isn't the same as Poisonous when I asked them if they could tell me the difference. The bowl on the tray contains examples of  venomous animals.
 I am linking this post to Montessori Monday hosted by One Hook Wonder and Living Montessori Now.                                                                          

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Peas In A Pod: Moments To Remember

Often times get crazy here during our "learning times". Ken wants to do some work that DJ is doing or vice versa. Sharing among these two at times can be a battle. Especially if you understand how DJ works, he wants to do anything that Ken can do. I know why, but most of the time Ken dosen't understand that it is her being his big sister that he looks up to and wants to know as much as his role model. Prayer changes things a lot, and sometimes when your not expecting it to change it just slaps you right in the face. I caught my blessing unfolding right before my eyes.

I love this photo it is a pefect example of a big sister, little brother bonding. Ken was so excited that DJ would allow her to facepaint his face. DJ was busy doing something else.

 The reason this is the moment I want to remember, they both are following each others' interest and getting along really, really well!  What a combination who would of thought Legos and Facepainting would of caused such a harmonious moment between two siblings.                                                                         
Our homeschooling journey has no clear boundaries between school time and what is life, it is becoming a very important part of our daily lives. I sometimes become juggled around a bit and lose sight of what our goals are. One of them is to help foster a bond between my children, this moment allowed me to put everything back into perspective.                  

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Daily Report 11-23-2011

We did do school today! Today their reading assignment called for them to do some research. They were to create an animal for a story that could have been told by the Native Americans. They had to find facts about the animals, what food the animal provided, tell how the animal was interesting in some way, list five human characteristics they would give to the animal in the folktale, tell what lessons could humans learn from the animal, and then draw the animal.

During the Work Period DJ chose to do sentence diagramming, and then some multiplication work with the Stamp game. Ken continued to research more about animals that are native to our community.

They also made their own compasses using the directions that were provided.

 We briefly touched on the units of league, fathom, and knot and applied it to the situation using the printable below.
 Michelle had another half day today and then baked some goods, one of her favorite things to do.

 Where there are eggs, DJ is close by and finished preparing the Deviled Eggs that will be on the menu tomorrow. Everything else we did was all practical life.
While I am typing this and looking at those eggs, I am getting hungry, What about you? 
Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!