Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daily Report 11-15-2011

The kids did their regular spelling practice, and completed some activities from Moving Beyond the Page.

This is DJ's persuasive letter that he started working with the OREO outline yesterday. Ignore that the template says friendly letter, I misplaced the template I originally had, and snagged this from somewhere in cyberspace.

Ken did some research using the internet to find answers to questions about Smallpox. This is an illness that is affecting one of the characters in her reading book.

During their Montessori Work Period Ken worked a lot with the world coins, as well as the Stamp Game. I Missed getiing pictures of her in action. DJ wanted my attention and guidance as he worked on a new concept Longitude/Latitude. The cards that he is working with is a free download avaliable at the website Montessori for Everyone.

At first he was confused about what lines were actually longitude, or latitude. He was mistaking markings that were part of locations. So the picture shows him touching the lines of longitude from North to South.

 The work suggested using the circle metal inset to create a drawing of lines of longitude and latitude, he was game so we did just that. This activity increased his knowledge by 100% and he walked away from this activity learning and understanding something brand new.

During the work period he also asked me which one of these were the flag of Australia.

 I asked if he could give me a second , while waiting he found the answer on his own. 

We are learning about Nutrition right now so today they colored in a food pyryamid, compared two food
pyramids, and cut and glued examples of different food groups to another food pryamid.

 Tomorrow the kids only spend time at home intentionally learning for half a day, the rest of their time will be spent at swim and gym classes at the YMCA.                        



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  2. How in sync we were this week with the food pyramid! I am always so amazed how you can have so much going on with your homeschool and your preschool. Amazing, Amazing, Wonderful!


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