Thursday, November 17, 2011

Daily Report 11-18-2011

Today for reading we defined what a myth, legend and folktale is. They really enjoy storytelling so this is going to be a really fun unit. I told the story of Anansi the Spider without pictures and they were wanting to hear me tell more stories without reading a book. I really love storytelling a lot too.
 The book we are using is borrowed from the library. We will be finding out information about each myth, folktale, or legend that we read and the printable you see next to the book is what will be their guide for what type of information to look for.

                 Montessori Work Period

   Pythagora board, today DJ completed the entire board for the first time.
 Ken loves the Large Bead Frame she continues to work through the printables I put into a binder.
                                       Sorting coins by continents.
                                                Constructive Triangles

To make sure they are still understanding how the Digestive System works. I did this quick experiment with an apple in the blender to show how the stomach breaks the food down into little bits so it can work its way through to the rest of the body.

 This is a worksheet they did to go along with the experiment, I am not even sure if it was an experiment. I know it was easy peasy to do.

We started our unit in Exploration. I had them number the reasons for exploration from 1 -6 in order of their importance to why we would want to explore.

   After we read a little about the history of Exploration using this book.
they wanted to change their answers. I told them we can do another one at the end of the unit and then they can compare their answers. A real quiet day on the homefront, now off to TaeKwonDo practice we go.                                                                                

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  1. Looks like a fun day! I loved the apple in the blender. The kids will probably never forget that. :)


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