Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Report 11-14-2011

The kids received their weekly list of Spelling words. DJ's words consist of working with the sounds ea, and Kens' list consist of suffixes -ful and -ment and silent e. Next they moved on to their Moving Beyond The Page curriculum. Today DJ was introduced to how to write a persuasive letter, Ken jumped in on this lesson.
DJ wanted to persuade Matt a character in the story Sign Of the Beaver to stay and wait for his family in Maine, and not to leave to go hunting with his new Indian friend Attean. This is how I introduced DJ to this type of writing.

I found this wonderful printable on the blog Cool School.

                     DJ's rough draft persuasive letter.

   Here they are enjoying their snack.

 Kens' lesson today was working on vocabulary for the second half of the book she is reading which is House Of Tailors. Ken made Vocabulary Cubes for the words and she and DJ enjoyed a game of rolling the cubes which directly helped Ken with her understanding of the meaning of the words, and gave DJ some more reading practice.

After they were done with their reading assignments, they begin their Montessori Work Period. Today they chose to work with the following activities duing this time.

 Sorting coins from around the world. DJ wanted to do this work also, and he mentioned that they were kinda dirty to encourage Ken to clean the coins. It worked! Ken loves polishing!!

I purchased the coins from our local Liberty Coin Dealer. They have a basket of a wide assortment of coins from different places. The cost is 20 coins for $2.00

DJ chose some geography work on his own as well. The pin maps were purchased from THE LEARNING ARK.

                                Seas of the world

Most of the work that they chose last anywhere from one hour to two hours to complete and its' o.k with me if they work on the same thing or only one thing during their work period which last for three hours.
During lunch time DJ mastered cutting an apple so the star will show.


He also noticed that the star was a Fibonacci Number.

The kids get about a hour break after lunch to do whatever, then we come back together for a lesson. Today it was What Do We Take and What Do We Give Back to trees and animals. That leaves us another hour for some more montessori work time. The second period they chose to work with.....

                                   Large Bead Frame

                         Decanomial Square.

Our school day begins at 7:45 after we take Michelle to school, and ends at 2:45 when we go and pick up Michelle and another child from school. Today was a good day!!                                                                       

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  1. Oh, I wish I'd had that OREO model when i was still teaching 7th grade English. It's a wonderful tool!

    You do such great things with your kids. seeing what you do, I certainly see soooo much room to grow in our own home, where I have not been adhering to a rhythm as well as I once did.


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