Thursday, October 31, 2013

Be Safe!

I don't know who loves Halloween more, the kids or me. Stay safe ya'll!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Doll Fashion Show

The girls in the sewing class are making clothes for their dolls. They are going to put on a Doll Fashion Show.


This week they made sewing aprons, next week they will start making their Fall Clothing line. 

Just so you know, DJ is in sewing class too. DJ is designing clothes for animals and of course super hero capes.

"I Wonder..." Take 2



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Project Runway? OK Not Really But It's a Start!

The girls in sewing class keep me moving. Tomorrow we delve into some fashion designing!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

DJ's First Mouse Maze

Question: Can Algernon find his way through the maze but smelling it's food?


Friday, October 18, 2013

Taking a Break


" I Wonder....." Take 1



Making History and Geography Revelant.

I am so pleased with our History and Geography studies that has indirectly evolved from exposing the kids to learning about peace and philosophy.

We formally started our History studies this year by reading The History of Us by Joy Hakim.

It wasn't that far into the book that they begin questioning their own history. Now we are doing a family study of our roots.

 We are also reading Roots by Alex Haley, a powerful read and it will just blow your mind away if you watch the movie, or have ever seen it. I recommend this book and movie with adult supervision, and mature audience middle school and up. I know DJ isn't in middle school, but he isn't being damaged because I am right there and I am sensitive enough to know when there is something that may need to be fast forward in the movie. However we got past the first episode that is so horrid and heart wrenching you may just want to hate America. We are peace makers, and philosophers so we can be sensitive, objective, rational and forgiving at the same time. We have no idea if we are related to Kunta Kinte only research can conclude this, it isn't a driving question either. I feel this story is a perfect example of what you find when you dig into your own family history. I also have always felt that this book would be a requirement in my home to read at some point before leaving the nest. They now know that Slavery wasn't just something that happened just because, but they are learning the psychological effects on both slave owners, and slaves. They know about the Middle Passage and are working on a map to trace this unfortunate voyage. Who knows one of their great, great, grandfathers or grandmothers had to take that passage. Trust me we won't stop there until we can identify tribes that we belong too, and how we are descendants of Kings and Queens.
I am also using this Guide to help us stay on track and gain insight using the activities and thought provoking questions included. Up next we are comparing Native American Tribes to African Tribes and learning about how one is able to keep traditions alive.

Other resources we are using....


We all have our own workbooks. I imagine that these workbooks will evolve into a very prized keepsake one day.

There are so many ways to approach history and geography, for us we are learning that finding out more about our own history and where it all begin is helping us make greater connections than ever before. Now The Coming of Man has a brand new meaning and they are ready to go back into time starting with themselves.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ken and Apothecary

Wow! Ken is blowing me away, she is maturing much too fast for my liking. LOL. I get such a kick out of observing her with her friends, and she is such a good friend too.

I thought I should pop back in here to share and to document Ken's science work, well really the book that is jump starting it all. Such a purposeful topic she is engrossed with. I don't know a lick about Apothecary, but I happy to learn while following Ken.


This weekend we have plans to visit the health store and pick up the tools that one who does Apothecary should possess. Yay! More science tools!!

There is actually a bigger picture that goes along with this, but you have to stay tuned to find out more. 

P.S I never would of dreamed that Ken would learn the names to all the leaves in the Botany Cabinet, I knew she was capable of it, but by golly it is just one of those things that made me drop my jaws and say "You know that!", with a huge smile on my face. The best part is I think she thinks needs to know it for some reason?????

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Algernon the Science Lab Friend

Yay! Science is back into our days.


 It is was no surprise to me when I saw DJ researching about mouse mazes while Ken and I read aloud Flowers for Algernon. Right now he is in the beginnings stages of observing Algernon. He wants to make sure he is healthy and ready for the tasks at hand, also DJ has been designing mazes on paper. We had a ton of fun this morning finding different mazes and the history of mouse mazes this morning on Pinterest. So far he is on track in understanding The Scientific Method. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Me Sew?

The Water Bottle Holder is a project for Sewing Class.

I come from a long line of sewers the best being my Grandmother who has gone to heaven. I can remember when she would let me sit on her lap and push the pedal like it was yesterday, oh how I would giggle my pants off. Still sewing is something that I would push to the side, well until Ken became so interested in it. This past summer I took some private sewing lessons from my sister in law and also Ms. Rosemary who was teaching the sewing class. Unfortunately Ms. Rosemary had to leave us, and she felt comfortable that I could take over. I was nervous as all outdoors in our first sewing class with me as the instructor. The girls in the class were having so much fun that they even requested to listen to some music! They are a great group of kids with some awesome parents. I am so appreciative that I am able to follow my children's interest. I think all three of the kids are finding out that their mama is very young at heart.

I still take private sewing lessons, and I am loving it!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Think he has Found his Calling!