Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Me Sew?

The Water Bottle Holder is a project for Sewing Class.

I come from a long line of sewers the best being my Grandmother who has gone to heaven. I can remember when she would let me sit on her lap and push the pedal like it was yesterday, oh how I would giggle my pants off. Still sewing is something that I would push to the side, well until Ken became so interested in it. This past summer I took some private sewing lessons from my sister in law and also Ms. Rosemary who was teaching the sewing class. Unfortunately Ms. Rosemary had to leave us, and she felt comfortable that I could take over. I was nervous as all outdoors in our first sewing class with me as the instructor. The girls in the class were having so much fun that they even requested to listen to some music! They are a great group of kids with some awesome parents. I am so appreciative that I am able to follow my children's interest. I think all three of the kids are finding out that their mama is very young at heart.

I still take private sewing lessons, and I am loving it!


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  1. Your grandmother would be so proud of you! I think it is so great that another generation is taking an interest in sewing. When I was coming up, we didn't learn any of those things in school anymore, and I never learned. But I'm learning to knit and crochet from the internet, so maybe sewing will come next!


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