Thursday, July 17, 2014

A New Homeschool Blog

We have started another homeschool blog. This new directions is exciting to me for many reasons. The most important reason is because the kids are contributors on the blog. This is our first ever family writing collaboration project. We are excited and hope that we can inspire you like you guys have inspired us! There will not be any more postings at this blog. Please join us at Montessori Makers! Thank you for all of your support here at this blog and we hope to see you over there too!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Activities That Were Caught on Camera

I am getting back into taking pictures. Here are some snippets of some of  June's learning fun.

                                Learning about bridges.
                                       Hacking a RC.
                             Painting like Jackson Pollock.
                                      Reverse Engineering.
Designing a helmet after learning about the importance of wearing a bike helmet.
                                     Plenty of duct tape wallets being made.
                                     Experimenting with lip balm making.
                                    Sculpting with clay.   

Enjoying Farm School led by another homeschool mom and friend.

I really do like taking pictures. I am so glad to be able to start documenting out learning again, but please know that our learning never stopped.