Sunday, October 13, 2013

Algernon the Science Lab Friend

Yay! Science is back into our days.


 It is was no surprise to me when I saw DJ researching about mouse mazes while Ken and I read aloud Flowers for Algernon. Right now he is in the beginnings stages of observing Algernon. He wants to make sure he is healthy and ready for the tasks at hand, also DJ has been designing mazes on paper. We had a ton of fun this morning finding different mazes and the history of mouse mazes this morning on Pinterest. So far he is on track in understanding The Scientific Method. 


  1. I love that kind of scientific exploration. Flowers for Algernon is one of my favorite books.

  2. You are a cooler mom then me!! It does look like they are going to have fun with your new guest :).


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