Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Daily Report 11-23-2011

We did do school today! Today their reading assignment called for them to do some research. They were to create an animal for a story that could have been told by the Native Americans. They had to find facts about the animals, what food the animal provided, tell how the animal was interesting in some way, list five human characteristics they would give to the animal in the folktale, tell what lessons could humans learn from the animal, and then draw the animal.

During the Work Period DJ chose to do sentence diagramming, and then some multiplication work with the Stamp game. Ken continued to research more about animals that are native to our community.

They also made their own compasses using the directions that were provided.

 We briefly touched on the units of league, fathom, and knot and applied it to the situation using the printable below.
 Michelle had another half day today and then baked some goods, one of her favorite things to do.

 Where there are eggs, DJ is close by and finished preparing the Deviled Eggs that will be on the menu tomorrow. Everything else we did was all practical life.
While I am typing this and looking at those eggs, I am getting hungry, What about you? 
Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!                                                                  

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