Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Report 11-16-2011

Today DJ finished his reading book "Sign Of The Beaver". It was a really good book! He was glad to finish the book and enjoyed it. When we first starting reading the book, it started out slow and he thought he wasn't going to like it. Ken is down to the last chapters of her reading book. She is going to read the rest independently at night, so that she can join DJ and I in his next reading unit which is Native American Animal Stories. We are excited about doing all of the activities that go along with the reading selections, Ken dosen't want to miss out on this.

During Montessori Work Period Ken spent all of her time working on making a Flags of The World booklet.

DJ worked on the Pythagora Board, North America Continent Basket, and did some coloring.

The day was shorter because today was Swim/ Gym day. We got there a bit early today so I was able to take a few pictures. I am normally only able to stay just long enough for them to take their showers before entering the swimming pool.

In Nutrition today they recorded what they ate on the Food Pyramid. What I liked about this activity is that they had to figure out exactly what food group the food they ate belonged to, it wasn't as easy as it may sound for them.Tomorrow they will be answering some questions about the food on their food pyramid.


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