Saturday, November 19, 2011


The kids first TaeKwonDo tournament was today. We had a lot of fun! I was worried about how the car ride would be on the way home if no one received a medal. I had the "speech" prepared turns out I can save it for another time. My kids are competitive and can have bad attitudes at times even when its' just a board game, as they are getting older the bad attitudes aren't always there as much. There were hundreds of people but they rose to the occasion sporting their Game Face in all. Take a Look!

 DJ patiently waiting for his turn.

         Competition time! He brought home the Gold Medal in his division!!

 Unfortunately I was too far from Ken to get a good shot, she is in action in the ring .  Ken brought home the Bronze Medal!!

        Michelle brought home the Gold Medal!!

    Group shot of my lovely hardworking children.

 It was a wonderful first time experience, what I liked most is that each one of them told me something that they learned about themselves while participating in this competition. Hearing them talking in this type of way really makes my heart smile, and makes all the evening classes that I really didn't feel like taking them there well worth it.                                                                

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