Friday, November 11, 2011


 The Word around town says that whatever you wish for at 11:00 today it will come true.

Whatever they are praying or wishing for it truly makes my heart smile when I witness my children praying. Each one of my children have their own relationship with God. We don't reguarly attend a church, but God is still in our hearts. As they are getting older their prayers are becoming words filled with empathy for others, especially at bedtime. I often see my children at different times in blank stares, and I will ask them what they are thinking about, their response is I was just praying. A reminder once again that God has a very special place in their heart and what I consider the way praying may look is quite different to everyone of them. I also love it when they come to me one by one at different times making testimonies I know God is... I love it! It allows me to able to stayed focused on the job that God has giving me to do for them right now, and it is comments like that, that just humble me to my very core and remind me that "I can't control everything,"  My God has a plan and who am I to try to interfere.                                                                       

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  1. I agree in that with you.
    God is in our hearts.
    Thanks for sharing,what a sweet picture.


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