Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Skipping School?

Today started out the same way with spelling practice and reading aloud. They gave an animal of their choosing human characteristics while completing this printable.

Ken worked on a Biography poem and DJ worked with the Parts of the Pumpkin cards and made a booklet.

Then it all just happened. Today Michelle had a half of a day at school and I had parent conferences with her teachers. We all went to the conferences. Michelle got all A's on her report card, and lots of great comments on her performance and character. So we went and celebrated at McDonalds for lunch. Then we went to get our baking supplies for Thanksgiving dinner. We were all excited about the holidays seeing all the displays and things which led to me being talked into getting our Christmas Tree today.  It is very simple and I hope it will remain this way throughout our celebration. One string of lights because that is all the extra electricity I can afford. The kids want to make their own ornaments for the tree this year, and I am looking forward to seeing how this tree becomes our own. It was fun picking the tree out, and yes it is real:)

 DJ is really wanting this tree to stand as straight as it can, he is tightening the tree a little more.
Since this tree thing wasn't in the plans for me today we quickly picked out some wooden ornaments at Jo Anns for twenty cents a piece to get our new project started. Yes my kids call almost everything a project if it takes more than one day to complete.

We also got a great good deal on this kit and the cards that I will stick in the stockings that will have the activity/scripture of the day I got for a dollar.
 Because this is a project DJ got busy with his work right away.
So I have a question for you Homeschooling Mommas, Can I count this as a school day :) ?                                                                                       



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