Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Montessori Textbook?

I was browsing the Montessori online stores that offer elementary printables that are downloadable or printables at the level where my children are at. I came across what I hope to be a wonderful way for my kiddos to use the Large Bead Frame at Alisons' Montessori.

Just in case you haven't seen the Large Bead Frame here it is...

It is a Montessori math material used to add, substract, or multiply from units to millions.    

I purchased the Large Bead Frame Activity Packet that was downloadable. I placed the thirty printables in a binder. The kids were asking me what this work was while I was putting it together, I told them this was a textbook. They loved how that word sounded. I shared with them how you record the problem another sheet of paper, just like you would do if were in college:) They are excited about getting to do this work. 

On each divider tab I glued the table of contents so they it would be easy for them to find the type of operation they would like to work on.                      


This is why this isn't like any regular textbook or workbook. The download came with a visual of how the answer should appear on the Large Bead Frame if done correctly and the answer. Perfect!! What a way from going from concrete to abstraction and becoming an independent learner.

 Here is the cover of the binder. I didn't get a chance to create a cover, they wanted to look through their new textbook right away.

 The download cost $9.99 but if you are a homeschooler there is a code avaliable to receive a 10% discount which I used. I can't comment on how long it took for me to receive the download because I became very busy doing something else, and plus I am spoiled rotten by Montessori Print Shop's download time it is definetly like magic, instantly you pay and then you are playing.   

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  1. This is an awesome find (as usual for you). Thanks for sharing. I will be bookmarking this one.

  2. These look great! Could you post the link to the downloadable file? I would love to buy a copy. It seems like a real time saver. I have searched the web for the "Large Bead Frame Activity Packet" but had no luck. Thanks!

  3. I am glad you find this useful. I tried to find the direct link to the pdf from by couldn't find it!! Thank you for stopping by.


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