Friday, November 18, 2011

Daily Report 11-18-2011

Everything was going as planned today until I had a visitor come check out the preschool program. I like it when everyone feels comfortable and questions are asked, but let me put it politely, the parent liked everything so much that she just didn't want to leave:) I schedule appointments usually before the childrens' rest time or after. So they arrived on time at about 12:00 and they left at 1:30. The kids and I do our lessons between 12:00 -2:45. Normally this wouldn't of been a problem but she had her children with her, who were sweet and cute but needed to be entertained as the other children were preparing for rest time with my assistant. DJ and Ken were great hostesses so I guess you can say they did a lot of Practical Life this afternoon. When the parent left it was time for them to have lunch, and then I leave to pick up Michelle from school. Here are pics of what they worked on this morning.

For reading they read two short stories aloud to me turn taking. They were" The Dogs Who Saved Their Master" and "The Woman Who Married A Frog".  Afterwords they did a story map of one of the stories and located where the Tribes were from on a map included in the book.

 DJ during Montessori work time worked with Sentence Analysis, The Conjunction Game, did some work drawing Ocean animals step by step and writing a couple of sentences about them.

Ken worked did some creative writing, six kingdoms work, and continued to work on her world flag book.                                                                             
What we didn't do that I would have like to have done was make Navigational Guides, and learn how to read Nutritional Labels. Right now I have three excited, but a little nervous children practicing for their first TaeKwonDo tournament. So now very soon we will be coming up with a menu for breakfast tomorrow.  They want to eat "The Breakfast For Champions".                                                                           

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