Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daily Report: Playing Hookie?

My mom was doing me a favor by taking Ken and DJ to the library to pick up some books this morning. When lunch time came still no kids, no big deal! Maybe their two lucky ducks getting take out for lunch. Finally they arrived at 2:oo. They worked grandma real good!!

DJ talked her into getting the Volcanoe that has been on his wishlist forever.

He also added a few related things to top it off:)

Ken almost had Grandma buy a real bird and then reality must of hit them both pretty fast. I love surprises but a living thing that must be considered first. So they settled for the bird feeder. The guide also came with a birdhouse kit to build. Also Ken came home with the Birds of the Northwoods activity and learning guide.

All this happened because they asked Grandma if they could go to Barnes & Noble. They were happy and excited!! I was too because now I can clearly see where I get my lack of control for purchasing educationally based merchandise.

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