Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daily Report: A Laid Back Kinda Day

I finally figured out how to do Googgle Docs. As my test run I created this Journal prompt page with DJs' picture. He loved it, and couldn't stop writing until I asked him if he wanted to work with some pattern blocks.

DJ especially liked this picture because he loved the hunt for the Gingerbread Man in December.

They both enjoyed working with the blocks. Ken used the blocks to help understand fractions and equivalent fractions, super fun way to learn this concept by the way. DJ is officially working on making a book of pattern designs.

The workbooks were brought by popular demand while we were at the teacher store a few weeks ago. They begged me for them:) They were happy to work with them today. I was impressed that DJ made it to task 12 without help. DJ is using the workbook in the second photo. I was kinda glad I let them use these because I was able to get a better understanding of where they're at .

They were also busy wrapping presents for Michelles' birthday dinner celebration tonight.

DJ also worked on a Valentine craft, and they both worked a lot on building the pyramid. As I type this Ken is also doing a journal prompt. It was a calm day, now we are ready to party!!

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