Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daily Report: Will Work For Food

Ken went to the doctors this morning and the verdict came back an ear infection. Can I just say I love antibiotics just one dose and she is feeling better. My mom was able to take her for me this morning, so I could still be able to run everything else smoothly. On her way out the door she asked DJ if he would like her to get him something to eat. Boy was he working harder than ever to build up a nice appetitie, as he puts it. Here is DJ's works for the day.

We just read the first chapter in his new reading book today, it is just a couple of pages long. He reviewed what a setting is, and learned about making inferences.

He practiced writing and reading in cursive.

This was the first time DJ worked with the Fundamental Needs of People nomenclature cards. The cards are from Montessori For Everyone they have very beautiful pictures, I enjoy looking at the work when I see it in action and my camera dosen't do this work justice. All of these Needs will appear in his reading book.

Doing some woodworking.

Using the beads to help solve multiplication word problems.

Diagramming sentences. The sentences actually come from Montessori Print Shops' grammar sentences work. The kids suggested that I write them on sentence strips, because of the grammar symbols sizes. Now that I see the work complete I can see what they were talking about:)

DJ also worked with the Geometric Cabinet Command Cards that was purchased at Montessori Print Shop.

DJ enjoyed a nice sub for lunch from one of his favorite places Subway.

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