Friday, February 10, 2012

Will Work For Badges!!

Obsessed! I don't even know if that is the right word to describe how DJ feels about his Backyard Safari Gear and kits.
So far DJ has four badges. The Bug Wrangler badge that he earned by identifying different bugs on the Bug Field Guide that also came with a bug vacuum (middle left pocket). The Reptile Hunter which sent him outside as well to identify reptiles, and also catch one with the net (upper right). The Base Camp Expedition badge that taught him how to pitch a tent (lower left pocket). Today I ironed on the Rock Excavator badge(upper left corner). DJ hasn't fully completed the tasks to earn this badge, but I had the time to put it on his vest. DJ promised he will earn the right to keep it. When he saw this on the shelves in the store he lost his mind jumping up and down. The money he earned for participating in the Early Childhood Study was used to purchase this.

This kit came with a bag, magnifier, goggles, and a rock pick hammer.

It also came with a pop up field guide that he has not put down.

DJ has already requested that for his birthday he would like as many of these kits that he can get. I am really into these kits as well because they keep my little guy busy with his hands, connected to nature, and learning. This is my perfect example of how Montessori meets Unschooling. I doubt seriously unless I interrupt him that he will be touching any Montessori activities until his mission is complete!! Therefore I must follow this child in his journey of rocks and set up works like introducing Mohs Hardness Scale, weighing rocks, discovering minerals around the world, etc. Then guide him back to complete dinosaur research by making connections:)

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  1. My son would love this idea! He sounds just like my youngest.


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