Monday, February 6, 2012

A Different Kind Of Day: Montessori Monday

Everything about today felt a bit weird. I have a wireless printer so I decided to print off some materials while I was cruising on the internet last night. The printables were some math work I wanted the kids to do with pattern blocks. When I began my day I discovered I have a printer issue. Really nothing new, but for the life of me I couldn't get the printer issue to leave my mind. The day was mostly prepared anyway, anything I wanted laminated was done and shelved. But honestly I can't explain it, just a different day.

DJ spent all of the morning digging for rocks in the backyard. This was something that I just accepted, but again I had a vision of other plans. Can I say it was a different day? Have you ever had one of those days,when everything is really going o.k. but you have a feeling you can't describe? He worked in his Doodling Dinosaur journal and that inspired him to get a very old T-Shirt and decorate it with all things dinosaurs. DJ also worked with a set of prehistoric animal cards from Montessori for Everyone.

They did enjoy our new Godly Play work The Good Shepherd. I really enjoyed storytelling this story. Both of them enjoy the props and are waiting already for the next one. This time I don't think I'll wait so long in between the stories.

Ken is becoming a researcher with passion about her subject. In the pictures above she has narrowed down some of new research that has come from learning about Africa by using a timeline. Today it was about the ship Amistad that carried African Slaves to Cuba and then their was a revolt and later many, many legal cases regarding the fate of the slaves who did survive this journey. She traced the passage that the ship took. We read the Case of Amistad and I left out the finding that the Supreme Court ruled so off she went to find the results on her own. What a happy camper she was when she found out that through fundraising the men were able to return to their homeland.

I downloaded The Story Of Geometry from Montessori for Everyone. They loved, loved the story and especially the rope becoming a triangle, and then a rectangle. DJ reread the story again by himself, and completed the activity again, and again!

Their highlight was building a pyramid with project blocks using a glue gun. They are not near finished yet, I hope that this work will also create some good discussions involving geometry.

To see other children doing activities inspired by the Montessori Method please visit for Montessori Monday.

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