Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daily Report: Creating Your Soul and Story Problems

"Mr. Birkway gave us a fifteen-second exercise. As fast as we could, without thinking, we were to draw something. He would tell us what we were to draw when everyone was ready. " Remember" he said. "Don't think. Just draw. Fifteen seconds. Ready? Draw your soul. Go."
-Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Today Ken was very thrilled to do an activity to go along with the book Walk Two Moons. She completed a rough draft of this before creating a poster representing her soul. I took a closer picture to share the words she wrote.

Ken is getting to be able to label the countries of Africa using the control chart less.

Along with reading pages from Amelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist? DJ also read from the Magic School Bus book and he did some copywork from the book too. What he copied today, he wrote using a pencil. Today he also made a Dinosaur Family Tree by classifying the dinosaurs into two groups Saurischians, and Orithiscians. I must say I am learning a lot about Dinosaurs as well!

After lunch I kicked them out the house and told them to go play outside. The temperature was 60 degrees. Come on its January, days like this should be celebrating.

Ken chose division story problems and working with the square root peg board for math.

DJ also chose to do math story problems using this book that I checked out at the library.

Here is an example of one of the problems in the book.

DJ absolutely loves the stamp game paper. I use to print it in color, now he uses it to line his numbers up correctly . This paper still helps with place value.


  1. My son loved that book, too. I like your math paper!

  2. I love that is making progress on the African countries without the control chart. I wish I had known about Montessori maps when I was teaching them to my son.: )

  3. Thank you for visiting us!!
    Shelia- The maps are the best for learning geography, I wished I had them when I was in school. At least now I can locate the different countries.

    Phyllis- The math paper is a free download from Montessori Print Shop,


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