Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daily Report: Time Lines and Much Math

We always start the day off with reading . Our school day starts roughly about 7:45 at this time I only have two preschoolers until 9:00. It is a perfect time to do one on one reading and assist them with their reading activities if I need to. It also is something that starts their day off on the right foot, their brains have warmed up for their work period.

DJ started another Amelia Bedelia book today. His activities included learning new vocabulary words, a crossword puzzle, and a word search. He also answered comprehension questions writing complete sentences. Each day we will go over the vocabulary and after reading the five pages he will complete the activities and the comprehension questions. DJ can definetly read at a fifth grade level but his comprehension does not match. Does that make sense?

Ken chose to do an activity to go along with her independent reading book. The story is about a slave girl who journals her life while writing to family members. She put together a time line of ten important events in her life, and had to include some negative events as well. Ken made ten knots in the string and spaced them accordingly to how far apart the events occur. Ken used the string to make a kite design to illustrate her work.

Todays' work with dinosaurs consisted of coloring in the dinosaurs so that he can complete the map of where fossils are found. DJ got pretty creative while coloring because he said no one knows what colors dinosaurs really were, that allowed him to become creative with this work. In the picture he is reading Back In Time With The Dinosaurs a Magic School Bus book learning about the times when dinosaurs walked the earth. After that he completed the make the time line activity that came in the kit.

Ken can't get enough of the Africa continent box:) Today she discovered there was some hieroglyphic writing on the side of the mummy. From there it was going back and forth to her laptop trying to decode it. The key that I included in the box wasn't much help. DJ joined in to try to help crack the mysteries of other found writings.

Another thing that has been working out for all of us is doing math presentations during the preschoolers rest time.

DJ had no problem showing me how to do four digit static addition on the dry erase board. I decided to show him three digit dynamic addition(carrying) with the Golden Bead Material. When he was done working with the beads he asked me if I had any more multiplication slips. I gave him all that I had up to the tens table. He completed all of them in less than five minutes. Looks like somebody has been holding out:) After he did it all I showed him how he made a booklet and he stapled them together.

Ken worked with the Stamp Game doing division with remainders. Then she wanted to work with the peg board to solve some square roots. She needed another presentation on how to use it because she had forgotten( me too:( Just kidding. I had some cards that showed the control of error that I purchased from Alisons' Montessori, it is a download. After that Ken was having much fun with square roots.

We were done with school at 2:00. If they were interested they could have easily did a lesson in art, foreign language, music, etc. I guess I know it is doable when the time comes. Another thing is since they have been working on "projects" they only have had but a half hour for lunch as a break.


  1. My 9th grader starts with reading every day, too. And that means I READ TO HIM! Our Living Book is always read by me to him first thing each day (he does literary analysis of a separate classical work later in the day). Me reading to him allows him to do as you say ... get his brain warmed up for the work day ahead. We call it "Lay on the Couch in Your PJs while Mom Reads to You 101". He has an A+ in that class !!! :)

  2. Nicole- I know Ken and DJ would love being read to while their in the pajamas, but that would mean I would have to have mine on too! It is wonderful that you still read to your son, that is in my plans too.Good Job on that A.LOL.

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  4. I love your blog! I am very interested in the Montessori Method. What books do you recommend I read. I need to modify academics for my 13 yr old daughter whose abilities are in the 3-6 yr. range. Montessori seems like a good fit for her.

  5. Hi Sylvia! I am happy to hear that you are enjoying reading our blog. My favorite book is The Montessori Method by Dr. Montessori it can be a bit dry but it explains the method with every little letter crossed and I's dotted. The book The Absorbent Mind also written by Dr. Marie Montessori gave me the wisdom to go ahead and give my chldren the opportunity to reap from this method. A book that gives me clear direction in where I am going is a book by David Gettmann, right now I am having a lost of memory on the ttle, even though I usethis book at least once a week. To pump up your creative juices the ebook Montessori At Home by John Bowman has awesome low cost activities that can easily be extended. A blog that I stalk a lot is written by a certified Montessori Guide who worked with elementary age children The Learning Ark the link is under my blog list. For more blogs visit What Did We DO All Day who is home to the ultimate montessori blog list, you can find a link to this blog under my blog list as well. I hope this helps. Good Luck on your journey!!


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