Monday, January 23, 2012

I Wonder.......

Introducing Godly Play to my children has had a tremendous effect on what they are choosing to do for work. It is a common thing for them to say " I wonder.." before choosing a work off the shelf. The Creation Story was a good story to introduce them to at first. Now they are researching to see what great wonders God has created.

Ken has literally been diggin in to know more about Africa and the Ancient Civilization of Egypt.

Here are some objects of places and things that she gathered from our already owned materials to find more information about.

The Africa book is filled with tons of activities that she is able to do on her own. King Tut is a book that she hasn't been able to put down.

This is a book that I found ages ago for two bucks at the teacher store. It has really thought out questions that will help her on her research journey and stay focused at the same time.

A page from the book.

Along with the other materials she will be using Evan Moor Egypt History Pocket. The first pocket introduces Egypt with activities involving making a time line, learning about the Nile River, and geography.

I printed this work from, it comes with a timeline activity as well. A map of Egypt and three part cards with explanations of the photos.

This is a photo of couple of the cards. Ken was surprised to see a cat in this collection. Which led to more questions she will be finding out.

DJ has been learning about Dinosaurs for longer than I can remember. This is a great opportunity for him to be able to learn as much about them without any interruptions. The afterschooling thing was not consistent and it depended on a lot of factors that day. Summer is the time that he always enjoys being outside. He is so happy to be able to spend all of his time learning about something he is very interested in.

A paper model from an activity in the above book.

He has been spending some time on the computer recording facts about different dinosaurs.

Learning the parts of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, while building this puzzle model.

DJ has tons of Dinosaur related books. At any given time he opens one and begins copywork from a page or two.

He spent some of his Christmas money on this science kit and book Friday.

With this activity he learned how fossils are formed by reading some of the companion book, sequencing the events, and matching the sentence to the picture.

Also he learned that a mold fossil isnt really a fossil.

Now he knows what a cast fossil is!

He is real excited about learning about trace fossils. I set this up with some objects so that he can make as many as he would like. I used the seed starter thingie so they can dry, and maybe he won't make them too big so he won't run out of the clay too fast.

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