Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily Report:Michigan Historical Museum

Today was a very beautiful day outside here in Michigan! Only four preschoolers was in attendance, and my assistant was full of energy! A perfect day for me to skip school:) Yes, I skipped school today! It was wonderful!! Ken and DJ was surprised when I told them to put their work away, because today is Field Trip Day. We had boat loads of fun. We visited two museums, two parks, and ate lunch at Burger King. I have tons of photos. Today I want to share with you our time at the Michigan Historical Museum. It is a place full of history for sure. We all learned a lot in the few hours we spent there. We will definetly have to go back again to actually absorp the amount of history that is in this building. We actually live in walking distance, it just is a difficult place to get to when you work the hours that I do. Well here goes a glimpse of some Michigan History.
You can't talk about Michigan without talking about automobiles. DJ especially enjoyed looking at the cars, a little disappointed that he couldn't touch them, or get in one.

This is an exhibit of a Woolworth store that sold items for 5cents and a dime. I am old enough to actually have shopped in these stores with my parents when I was a kid.
 Ken finally got to find out how it feels to pull a fire alarm. Ken was actually laughing and a bit nervous while she pulled the alarm. LOL.
O.K I am feeling a bit old today, because here is another store that I can remember. The store that when you saved those green stamps you could buy stuff. If  you watched the television show The Brady Bunch then you know what stamps I am talking about, the stamps the kids all put together to buy a T.V.
Oh yeah! DJ asked me what that black thing was on the table. Could you give me a break DJ, it is a telephone, and I wonder how I am able to know this:)
  They had fun looking at the different styles of homes.                                                                      
 DJ wished he had his measuring tape to measure the canoe.
O.K were finally far enough back into history when I wasn't even born! They had fun exploring one of the styles of the first schools in Michigan.

 And  of course a taste of Motown was shared. They had the most fun here, because you could play music and dance.

 The museum is also connected to the Michigan Historical Library we didn't get a chance to go in the library. While there I found out you can check out books!! Now I know we will be coming back for more. The pictures I took really dosen't do this place justice. It is definetly a place that we will be going again, and again to learn more about our home state. While we were leaving DJ asked an important question that I will be helping him find the answer to,Why isn't Detroit the Capitol of Michigan ?   Tomorrow I will share with you all the fun we had at our favorite science museum.                                                                   

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