Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily Report: Is It Friday Already?

Today was a good day to end a good school week. Actually I don't even know if our school week is over yet, because tomorrow we are going to the zoo. All three of them are anticipating getting to know their chosen animal. The sketch books are already in the backpacks. Today we finished our first chapter in A Wrinkle Of Time. The chapters are a bit long, so we decided to read a half per day yesterday morning. This is good , it helps DJ wilth his comprehension. DJ is an excellent reader but I am challenging his comprehension skills by having them both read the same book. I am using a Literature Unit Guide from Teacher Created Materials to help inspire our book activities, and the questions that are asked according to the chapters. I have used this resource many of times and it works for us.
 After we were done reading, DJ chose to work to put together the mini scissor lift kit. Ken worked with the wind power kit and it was a bit of a challenge for her.

 Ken working with our spelling objects, she chose to spell the words while writing in cursive.
They are researching some information about the Northeast States.
  Here is the book that both of them are using to find the information.
 A photo of some of DJ's findings.
 In Life Of Fred DJ completed chapters 16 and 17. DJ is really getting into story problems, and today he was randomly making them up asking me to solve the problem. Since I am geeked up today, I'll probably have some for him on Monday. Ken did some work  remodeling her dollhouse and that took some time as she had to measure the wallpaper and the walls(no photo:(
We only did one lesson in Astronomy this week, but we ended the work day by watching this Magic School Bus show. I am a huge fan of Mrs. Fizzle and I use my DVR player to record all the shows that come on, I think I have all of the shows saved now.
The kids have really been asking more questions about God!! I been reading a good book that helps you to introduce Godly Play to your children YOUNG CHILDREN and WORSHIP By Sonja M.Steward and Jerome w. Beryman. I found out about the book in a post that Deb wrote at her site Living Montessori Now. Reading scriptures as our count down to Christmas I believe got them wondering even more. I think I am going to start with the Creation Story. I am going to paint up some cards and make anything else I can find for free that helps with truly absorping the concept. You know the more and more I observe my children, I can truly understand exactly what Dr. Montessori  was teaching about the elementary child. When we did the Great Lessons, I was like how come you all aren't doing any research now? It all takes time, and I appreciate that Ken and DJ allowed this lesson to absorp, because now they are truly taking off. They ask meaningful questions. I have even caught Ken with a pencil in her hand just thinking, and then developing the most beautiful poems. Well I have some materials to make. Have a great weekend!!                                                 

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