Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Report: The First Day Back To "School"

We began our day by reading Chapter 15 in THE LION,THE WITCH,AND THE WARDROBE. It was the best chapter ever, and it totally caught us by surprise to hear from Aslan again. The next thing they did was coordinate a graphing of times when all the children who were present today went to sleep on New Years' Eve.
 DJ worked on his modeling kit and can't wait for it to dry so he can paint it.
 The Hand kit kept him busy the entire "work period". I love his determination!
 Ken worked on her tutu, and finished putting the floor down in her bathroom.
 They also completed a small mini book about Space and labeled the names of some objects in Space.
 During our Social Studies time together, they labeled a map of the United States and then created a map key to group the states according to the region. They are using books to help them find the answer to what region each state belongs to.

 In Life of Fred DJ completed chapter 14 and learned the definition of a function. Ken completed chapter 11 in Goldfish,I had to include this photo. If you only knew how Ken strongly disliked Math before this school year!!
Their highlight today was having the freedom to choose works, not according to my schedule. Whenever I saw them without anything in front of them, thats' when I said " Can I show you something?" it worked like  magic today, instead of "This is your Montessori Work Period Time". The phrase may get old, but until then this is what is working for them right now.

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