Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Report: Doing Their Own Thing!!

I really am glad that my kids are becoming more independent with their work each day. Today I only spent time one on one with them with their chapter books that we read aloud. No one wanted to take a break(except to do math with Life of Fred)! Ken completed the timeline activity, and then did some research on the internet to fimd more information on the specific time frame.

Made flags of the countries of Africa.

Ken also got her hands busy making a vase using clay. This kind of thing I like because she is making objects for her own continent box.

Kens' random thoughts, questions, and math recorded on the dry erase board.

The first thing DJ said after reading is "Can I make the Trace fossils now?"He spent a lot of time with this project, and I know this is something he will probably be doing for awhile. DJ also learned about three other types of fossils. This information inspired him to go outside on a fossil hunt.

Due to the constant rain he wasn't able to hunt as long as he would of like to. He was happy to take a picture of this body fossil of a fly.

Using Dino Skulls he placed each one on the felt continent map to show me where the dinosaurs' fossil was discovered.

Since he was working on geography he put the United States puzzle together without using the frame.

Their hoping tomorrow their clay models will be dry to do some painting.

Highlights were fossil hunting, and using clay to make a vase.

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