Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daily Report: Dress For Success

We finished reading THE LION,THE WITCH,AND THE WARDROBE. The ending was fabulous, and DJ concludes that the Professor knew all the time about Narnia, and probably will be the one to take them back. This is the first book that I ever read in the series, we may read The Magician's Nephew sometime this year.
In Life of Fred  DJ was introduced to finding circumferences, which he found to be fun. Ken got a review on Volume.

One thing that I love about Ken is how she feels about herself! She isn't a bragger, and she really is honest with herself about some shortcomings she may feel she has. Ken says that she feels better and works better when she feels neat and clean. Today Ken wore a dress during school time. I must say I agree with her, Kens' work performance was stellar.
 Both of them worked on learning the geographical regions of the United States.

They also completed these worksheets from Montessori Print Shop that offer an extension in using the bead chains for solving square roots, they thought this was fun to do.
 DJ spent most of his time making animal tracks with playdoh and animals, and enjoying the outside looking for some animal tracks.

 Ken did this experiment to find out which  magnet was stronger than the other using iron filling.
 In the pictures below Ken is matching the State puzzle pieces to the matching capitol city.

DJ's highlight was being able to go freely outside and come inside to warm up with as much hot chocolate that he wanted. Kens' highlight today was dressing up for school.                                                                                


  1. I love that Ken is so self-aware and understands how she learns and works best. That's a huge testament to how well homeschooling is working for them!


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