Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily Report: A Pinterest Work

Today was not a normal school day at all. Unfortunately my mother had to fly to Arizona due to the death of my uncle. My uncle had been sick for a long time living the last months or so using a feeding tube. It was kinda a thing the family was "waiting" on. Sadly you can never prepare yourself for the lost of a loved one. Last minute she needed me to give her a ride to the airport and then the rest of the day was doing routine things that needed to get done before tomorrow.
The first thing DJ did when he woke up this morning was check to see if his dinosaur skulls were frozen. I found this cool activity on Pinterest . You can find it at

DJ prepared the whole activity himself, and had lots of fun using a hammer to get the skulls out of the ice.

When he was done he matched the skulls to the right dinosaurs.

I am glad he woke up with a mission otherwise he would of been greatly disappointed. This was a work that you could use with anything that your child is interested in. Just put the objects of interest in a paper cup, fill the cup half way with water, leave in the freezer over night, and then wake up for some ice age fun. Oh yeah paper cups can be tricky to take off the ice, but it is well worth it according to DJ.


  1. Where did you get the skulls? That is such a cool idea!

  2. Hi Ticia! I purchased the toob of dinosaur skulls from Micheals.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your uncle.

    I love popping in here to see what your adorable kids are up to! They stay busy! Such great ideas all around. Thanks for including us :-)


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