Monday, January 30, 2012

Daily Report: Today Was A Grreat Day!!

I am a really happy camper homeschooling mom today! The kids stayed totally busy with work that showed lots of effort. Sticking to a routine, preparing the enviroment, and following their interest is paying off big time.

DJ wil be wrapping up his study on homophones, homographs, and idioms while completing a literature unit with the worlds famous housekeeper Amelia Bedelia . He really enjoyed the book Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia. It wasn't until I asked him who the author was that I found out it was Herman Parish who is the late Peggy Parish's nephew. I couldn't tell a difference in the author while we were reading. Ken and I are about half way through Walk Two Moons, it is a book that gets better and better the more you read it.

Ken spent at least three hours working with the Africa Continent box. The picture above shows her working with the animal three part cards.

She totally loved the book African Elephants by Gail Gibbons.

She was so thrilled that I had parts of the elephant cards for her on the shelf.

I also had a 3D wooden elephant puzzle for her to put together. This puzzle is definetly harder to put together than it looks.

DJ completed a science experiment only with the help of Liz. The experiment is showing how cold blooded animals such as dinosaurs change body temperatures according to the enviroment. He had to place Liz with the thermometer taped on her back in four different locations, he also used a timer so that it would be in the different locations for the same amount of time.

Liz under a desk lamp.

Liz outside.

Here is the data he recorded, he did a great job with reading the thermometer. I also had Ectotherms and Endotherms sorting cards avaliable for him to work with so I could introduce new terminology and show how dinosaurs aren't the only cold blooded animals( I do know that dinosaurs are extinct:)

This was a great work and he was proud to announce that he is indeed an Endotherm animal. The cards are availiable at Montessori Print Shop.

Ken is doing a lot better with division. She is realizing that working with the math everyday helps her to retain the information. She was happy that she got all of her problems right.

Since Ken was working on math DJ followed. He enjoys doing multiplication equations with the Golden Bead Materials.

DJ gave himself his own quiz today! The star stickers we use them to put on back of equations slips that they have mastered. I guess he has mastered the six tables:)

I hope that today is a sign that my kids are becoming comfortable with their choices, and its' o.k if you just want to practice your six times tables, indulge in Africa, do a science experiment, put together a puzzle, work a little more on division, learn a few new words, and enjoy a good book.


  1. I loved Walk Two Moons, and ANYTHING by Gail Gibbons is a winner!

  2. So encouraging that all of your hard work is paying off!

  3. I love your learning environment. I love that they can choose what they want, and for however long they want. Real wisdom in that.

  4. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!! It is always a treat to read comments, especially when they are so sweet.


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