Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Daily Report: We Ditched A Wrinkle In Time

We weren't feeling this book at all! Another reason is that I use the five word rule. The rule is if you have difficulty reading five words on a page, the book dosen't match your reading level. The reading was difficult for DJ, Ken and I wasn't into it anyway. We will try to read this book again at a later date. DJ is still into his easy to read Magic Tree House books so him and I are going to read " Abe Lincoln At Last" and alternate with the campanion book Abraham Lincoln. Ken and I are going to be reading Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.

The kids worked a lot with their new math work. I was really impressed with DJ being able to regroup two digit subtraction problems, and Ken was more confident about her capabilities with division problems with remainders.

 They really enjoyed their geography lesson today. They colored in the letters of the Southeast states to represent something about the state.

 They also started making their Star Charts. We talked about metals, non metals, liquids, and gases. This is going to be fun! We also read some information about stars.

This was pretty much what they accomplished in the school room today. The temperature is 65 degrees and if you know anything about Michigan weather that is a beautiful day in Winter. Their highlight today was being able to go outside and ride their bikes.                                                                    

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