Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daily Report: Geography and Math

DJ worked on making a map of the continents to show where dinosaur fossils have been found. He is going to color the dinosaurs and then glue them onto the location.

He also learned dinosaurs names, and a few more dinosaurs he didn't know about . We reviewed the terms carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore . DJ really like labeling the names and learning what the names meant.

Ken spent a lot of time working on the Africa Pin Map. I got the flags from Montessori Print Shop. She appreciated the names being on the flags for the control of error.

Here is a better view of how the flags look. They aren't laminated. I printed them on cardstock and I think it will hold up for awhile.

They also got busy with doing some math. Ken worked with the Stamp Game doing division. DJ used the Golden Beads Material to work on multiplication.

Tomorrow we won't be doing any "school". DJ has a side gig making some money by being a part of a child development study at Michigan State University. This study is a year and half long thing, but everytime he attends he will receive fifty bucks in cash. Of course he is excited about making his own money!! The study is basically looking for information about the emotions of children ages 3-7 years old. They have fun activities and it last for about three hours a visit. Ken will be tagging along as well doing some independent reading and observation. I will be participating along side of DJ with some of the activities. We are looking forward to a great weekend full of the unknown.

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  1. I love the pin map! What a neat activity - have never seen that before. Enjoy the study. That sounds like a great experience. Being a part of active research in the community!


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