Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daily Report: Sorting Words By Parts Of Speech

We started out the day by turn taking reading the entire "I Have A Dream" speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There were some difficult words for both of them to read , but they sounding them out great. Also DJ gave us a great theatrical performance when he got to read the part he was familiar with, very fluently I must add.
After the reading I encouraged them to write their own speech. Kens' is on the left, and DJ's is on the right.

The Pythagora Board made a come back in the rotation of DJ's work today. He used the printouts of activities to use with the board that I downloaded from Alisons Montessori.

This is an example of an activity, place the answers of multiplication table of 2 on the board.
Ken got inventive with her language work today. She sorted the words according to the parts of speech. I thought this was awesome.

Another thing Ken did was make a Roman Numeral booklet up to the thousands, again this work was all on her own.

DJ got busy collaging today.

His work also inspired the preschoolers to add coloring to their collages.

They ended their day doing some geography.


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