Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daily Report: Photos Taken By Ken And DJ

Ken has a camera and started taking photos today. This lead DJ to ask me to use my camera for the school day. The only rules I told them is that they may not distract anyone from their work, and you can only take photos of each other. They were happy and began their own photography class.

DJ reading for information to complete a page of descriptive words about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Ken labeled the Animal Kingdom.

Sock puppets they created to go along with their creative writing.

Parts of the bird cards, and a picture of one of the pages in the book Ken is using in the photo.

North America pin map

DJ's lifesize painting of Dr. King.

It is almost art imitating life, they kinda used my style. Kids they watch everything we do, down to taken pictures. They really are like sponges!!


  1. Those puppets shure look fun! What creative minds!

  2. How cool that they can document their own work! I would imagine it helps them to feel even more pride in their achievements, and how cool to have the photos from their point of view!

  3. Thank you, Danielle!

    Melissa- The truly did enjoy admiring their work!


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