Friday, January 6, 2012

Learning At The Science Museum

The kids and I are loving learning outside the classroom. It is wonderful to see how they are making connections, and to be honest we are having so much fun, it is really hard to believe that we have "school" here everyday. Since we started  we seriously only have had one bad day, and we were able to fix it promplty! Yesterday was just so perfect for us. At the end of the day when they reviewed all that they had learned it just made my heart smile, and I just wished that we could redo yesterday everyday! Well enough of my rambling here are some photos of the time we spent at the science museum.

The museum had a exhibit of weather related concepts that was presented to us by The Magic School Bus. They were so happy to take a picture with their favorite science teacher.
 The weather map was interactive and they really enjoyed working with this.
 Meet our new weather girl Miss Ken, she was tickled to be able to broadcast her report. I am really going to have to make a weather map similar to this for our classroom. They learned so much from this in the little time that they spent with this activity.

 Calling off school due to the weather:)

Role playing, so much fun!!
  Displays about different weather conditions in different places.

They had materials avaliable to make clouds with cotton balls, one of DJ's favorite activities to do.

 I really love this! They had to use their sense of touch to determine which material was the hottest. To see if you were right you push the button and it tells you what the temperature is for each material.

 Using his energy to turn on a light bulb.
 Exploring lifecycles. The museum also had craft supplies on hand if you wanted to create a lifecycle to take home.

 DJ got a one on one lesson on all the science involved in making slime, he was super excited to be able to take it home. I am glad the wonderful lady explained and showed him what happens to slime when it is left out or gets on your clothes, or carpet.

 As things slow down they did some of their favorite activities that they always love to do at our favorite museum. Make bubbles, and explore the different ways to use water.

 Truly we had a blessed homeschooling day!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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  1. We were just talking about going to the Children's Museum as we're drudging through the gray, wet winter in the PNW. What a great way to rejuvenate a child's love to learn.


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