Saturday, January 28, 2012

Journals For The Reluctant Writer Or Researcher

We found these cool Smash Journals at Micheals Craft store. The kids fell in love with them instantly and came up with plenty of reasons why they needed these journals:) I am a sucker for anything that gets my gets excited about writing so I brought them.

It came with a nice pen that also has a end to use as a glue stick.

Scrapbookers would love the designs that are different on every page. My kids were delighted to see the pictures, and chose their journals according to the graphics on the page. The designs are different in every journal and it goes along with the color of the binding of the journal.

It also has pocket sleeves in the front and the back perfect for sneaking in photos for a journal prompt for the kids to write about. My kids specifically begged me to to buy these because of the different designs and wanted to have an assortment of paper right at their fingertips and in one place.

Ken decided to use her journal as a diary of a slave girls' life. She is using facts in her writing that she has found while reading the book LETTERS from a SLAVE GIRL by Mary E. Lyons. DJ is taking by Jack's (character in the Magic Treehouse books) research style and has been writing facts that he is finding about dinosaurs. Michelle is writing in her journal as I type this post.

We all had a coupon for 40% off (yes, we are that family) so each journal was about $8.00 not bad if they continue to write and use every piece of paper.

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  1. Those are nice journals. I'll have to check them out.


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