Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daily Report: Woodworking

I was so happy with their work ethic today! They stayed busy, even with the work that they normally avoid(math). As usual we did our reading together and the rest of the day they were completely on their own!!

They chose to start off with making a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. craft.
Parts of the flower work with the definition set.

Tackling square roots.

Matching groups of multiplication with the correct vocabulary and factor sentence.

DJ enjoyed the beaded bracelets multiplication activity, in fact he went on to make necklaces


This week their working on the Midwest states here is an example of the resource map they did today.

After lunch the both of them got out DJ's tools and started building.

DJ made a fort.

Ken made a Director sign (it's all about California:)

It was another great day!

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