Monday, January 9, 2012

Daily Report: Angry Bird and Word Processing

First off dose anyone else feel like their computer has been hijacked by Epic Play Text Enhancer!!

 The day started out as usual with reading our book together. A Wrinkle Of Time is starting out a bit slow for us, but I think it is a keeper. They enjoyed The Creation Story and our Magic TreeHouse Read Aloud " Abe Lincoln At Last " doing their Art time. We did read two pages about Matisse then they got anxious to try to make a collage of shapes with bright colors.

They used the Metal Insets and leaf shapes from the Botany Cabinet to trace their shapes onto paper. They colored their shapes in using oil pastels.

  Ken did some sentence diagramming today
 DJ worked with the creation cards, and animal track three part cards that is a free download from Montessori For Everyone.                                                                                                          

 Then all of a sudden I had two children who became engrossed in their own work, with their own plans. I printed out a free Make Your Own Angry Bird Packet from teachers pay teachers last night and DJ became vey busy with all the activities. I haven't seen him write this much in a long time! He also began using parentheses while doing this work. He came to show me and said I did the same thing you did when you showed Ken the math work. DJ asked me what it was called and when I told him he started using more and more parentheses. The math work he is talking about is the commutative property of multiplication.

 If you click on the picture below I think you can see the parentheses better.

 Ken did her own thing too. She began to use her laptop to write a short summary about a book that she has been reading for fun about Walt Disney. Ken reads a lot about Disney because she really wants to take a trip there. In fact if you go back and look at her picture you will see the shape of California. Also Ken wrote a speech that I was quite impress with the content. We talk all the time about advertisements on T.V and I guess she really has strong feelings about it!!

 Well that was our school day. I think their highlight today was being able to do work that they were interested in doing with no interruptions.                                                                               

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