Sunday, January 8, 2012

The BIg Zoo Lesson: Trip #2

Yesterday we made it back to the zoo to study the animals the kids have befriended. They were excited once again to use their sketch books. This time around there were more people so it was a little difficult for them to get up close and personal:)

They still get a great job of staying on task and really saw some new things that they didn't last time.

        Michelle is studying the Amur Tiger         

          DJ is studying the Mandrills.

                Ken is studying the Golden Lion Tamarin.

 After we left the zoo, we decided to go to the library to find some books about the animals.
           Here are the books that they checked out.
 Today DJ got out the Apes and Monkeys sorting activity, which motivated his sisters to add some color to their sketches.

I also added a new work The Animal Kindgom Nomenclature Cards and Charts that I purchased at Montessori For Everyone. This work is great for all three of my kids, and also for me:)
                     An example of the cards, beautiful photos!!                                      
 It also came with blackline masters. This one they write the name of the picture.
   This chart they draw a picture according to the kingdom.
This one they draw the picture and write the name. I also think that these charts would be great to take along to the zoo, and have them find the animal according to the kingdom it belongs to and then record it on the chart. The possibilities sre endless.
    Here are the sketches.
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  1. I love their sketches! I would love to do that. I love your classification exercises, too.

  2. Thank you Phyllis!! They really worked on their sketches.


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