Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a very busy, fun, wholesome homeschooling week! Here are some more pictures of our week.
Ken and DJ were introduced to the parts of the brain.

DJ had some fun with play doh and learned the parts of the earth.

They both made a booklet about Seeds.

This work comes from Montessori Print Shop.

On Monday Ken planted radishes, carrots, and onions. Yesterday the radishes started to sprout.

DJ continued to work with his digging rock kit, and was able to excavate all the pieces so that he could play the game that goes along with it.

The game board.

The twelve game pieces were the objects to be excavated.


I wrote about this pen earlier this week. I now call it a "magical" pen. They only stop using it when someone else is writing with it. They have done creative writing with it as well as copy work.

We only have two more chapters until Ken and I are finished reading " Walk Two Moons". I can't tell you enough how much we have enjoyed reading this book so many great roller coasters. In the picture above she completed a research work about Famous Mothers.

DJ did a lot of syllabication work with the dinosaur names as well as his favorite words that he would just randomly break down throughout the week.


DJ worked a lot with Roman Numerals from 1- 9 and then made a booklet of his work.

Working with geometric shapes.

Doing multiplication with the small bead frame.

Ken did a few chapters in Honey part of the Life of Fred series.

Ken also made a booklet of some geometric shapes.


Ken made this craft of the Colors of Faith.

Ken also tried french knitting for the first time.

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  1. LOVE the magic pen. I have wondered about the French knitting thing, but haven't done it myself. Good work guys!

    1. The French Knitting was harder than we expected, but were hanging in there. Thank you for stopping by and leaving us a comment.

    2. There are so many things that went on in this post that I can't even begin to comment about all of them. I'm just going to say this ... I wish I was a student in your homeschool!


  2. What a wonderful, full week. I am very curious about the Medieval game.

  3. I am blown away by how much you all did! What fun!!! Love the brain and earth models and the Medieval game looks fun!

  4. Wow! Lots of GREAT, hands-on learning going on in your home! Fun stuff!


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