Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Board Game: Dinosaur Versus The Volcanoe

Yesterday DJ asked us to play the game Dinosaur Versus Volcanoe a game he created. DJ wanted to know if there was something he could add to it or needed to be changed. We had fun with this trial run. The game board complete with playing cards, and playing pieces.

Of course being the youngest person in the house meant that his rules are the youngest player goes first.

He had a hard time containing himself. It was difficult for him to keep the answers to himself.

For the playing pieces he made a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Anklyosaurus, and Stegasaurus. He only made three because he only had Ken and I in mind for playing right now, DJ says he will make one more so two to four people can play this game.

We all agreed that our favorite part of the game were reading the Uh- Oh cards. It was a fun game and we enjoyed every bit of it. By the way DJ won!

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